Our Team

Our team of seasoned professionals at Dayspring Electric has been dedicated to providing reliable and cost-efficient solutions in the industrial, commercial and residential electrical sectors since 1991. We are committed to supporting the industry with the highest degree of quality service, an unmatched level of technical expertise, and the latest in technology, parts and equipment to ensure that your needs are met. An example of this includes our fleet of advanced equipment, featuring manlifts with working heights of up to 50 feet, facilitating us in serving you better. Our goal is to keep you working at peak efficiency by minimizing your down time, cutting your energy cost, and extending your equipment life. We work with you to allow your productivity and profits to soar, while keeping your utility bills down.

The Team

Kendall Crouse

Dayspring Electric started in 1991 by Kendall Crouse. Starting with two employees and worked our way up to nineteen highly trained technicians. 2005 was the year we expanded our business to include plumbing and heating.